Really Easy (and free) Ways To Contribute!


Hey guys!

This is a(n incomplete) list of really fast (and free!) ways to give to various charities via the internet! one click daily contributes to each cause you select! a search engine (you just have to make it your default) that donates a penny/use to the charity of your choosing! (make it your default engine in chrome so you can search from the URL box!)

tab for a cause: a browser extension that allows you to donate to causes of your choosing every time you open a new tab! play quiz games about a variety of subjects and donate rice to the World Food Programme for each right answer!

BOINC: Software that runs in the background of your computer; allows (secure) scientific projects of your choosing to use your unused processing capacities to further their research (as many projects lack access to the computing power they need). You just need to download the software, add projects, and then let it do its thing! 

What I did was:
1.) Installed BOINC and Tab For A Cause
2.) Made Goodsearch my default engine, and picked my charity
3.) Went to this list of publications by the various projects and added the projects to my software that had the most contributions (I did World Community Grid, Climateprediction, Malariacontrol, Milkyway, and rosetta)
4.) Put GreaterGood as a lil bookmark widget on my Tab For A Cause homepage thingy so that when I open my browser, it’s there to remind me to take 30 seconds and click to contribute. Freerice, too, because I’m gonna procrastinate eventually, and that contributes more than continually refreshing facebook u feel me

Take five minutes out of your life to check these out! The more people we can get to contribute to these projects, the more good we can do!

Yoooo.. Haven’t posted something of my own in the longest time. Sorry peeps! D: Sometimes my life gets way too out of control to tell Tumblr about cause I’m so busy.

This week HHM ended and was my first performance with CODA. Super fun! Now (this is going to sound bad) time to get my academic shit together cause no matter how put together I am about it. School sucks for me. It’s always an uphill battle, but it’s not like my study habits make it any easier for myself. In the words of my mother “you exist to make your own life more difficult” well ma.. you’re 100% right.. as usual.

On a happier note, my parents are visiting on Wednesday for the night and then Santi will be here next weekend for Random Acts of Acapella. :) #SoooGoood x) I think my 20th Birthday is only a month and ahalf from now give or take which is pretty exciting hahaha. Oh I’ll be performing in two acts for Homecoming Spear-It Night *Ahem*2DifferentOutfitChanges*